Martin is a great collaborator in the best sense of this word. He not only provides his own professional expertise where requested but looks at the whole project and always strives to add “that little bit extra” where he can. He always manages to get “in tune” with the nature of the piece – eg. the mood of the characters; the age suitability of the audience, etc. The music he has composed for my shows is strong, dramatic and contrasting – able to sweep from evil archetype to romantic characterisation. It is full of atmosphere and conjures up perfectly the sought-after reactions amongst the audience. It is also economical: he prefers to use well chosen instruments over full orchestra. He is particularly strong on choosing well fitting themes and melodies. He would be a hard act to follow.

Andy Lawrence (Writer/Performer, Theatre of Widdershins)

Martin Thornton has constantly demonstrated a detailed working knowledge of the world of music for film. His passion, endurance and analytical and emotional intelligence has allowed him to do justice musically to each of the films he has worked on. Martin respects and adores the themes of each film presented to him and it is this adoration that allows this music composer to be one of the best within the film industry.

Navin Dev (Writer/Director/Producer, Red Kingdom Rising & The Tree Man)

Martin is a rigorous and passionate composer, and his input was exceptional for the project. Besides creating thrilling and engaging scores, with a perfect balance between emotion, sensibility and intrigue, Martin strove for providing the film with new textures and meanings. His analytical study of the characters and his master of the language of music for film, combined with a very demanding attitude with his work and his full attention to detail and new possibilities, make Martin’s scores a delightful journey from the opening credit to the very last one. And in terms of work environment, his personal and intellectual hospitality resulted in very enjoyable and productive work sessions at his studio. To work with Martin was an enriching experience that evolved in a long lasting friendship.

Jesus Mateos de la Varga (Writer/Director, Phil’s Room)

Martin has created several original pieces of music for The Last Post and has come up with some startling and imaginative ways to heighten the intensity of certain key moments, convey the personality of the characters and to draw together the different elements of the film into a coherent smoothly unfolding whole.

Adam Preston (Writer/Director, The Last Post)

Martin has worked with us for nearly 13 years now in the capacity of Musical Director for our productions. His work is always fabulous, and he is extremely accommodating and receptive in terms of ideas. I have always found him extremely easy to work with, and his work has always been of an extremely professional quality.

Penny Earey (Director, Theatre of Widdershins)