Williamsangst (Williams + angst) is the terrible feeling that John Williams is suddenly standing behind you as you write, peering over your shoulder snickering and clicking his tongue in disapproval. This is a very real anxiety for many composers. Even John Williams is said to experience this phenomenon from time to time.

Charles Bernstein (Film Music And Everything Else!, 2000)

“Composing for movies…”

Composing for movies is hard. That’s why so many movie scores are bad. They either duplicate the action or emotion already being played on screen or are so neutral that they simply fill silences like Muzak in an elevator. The key to a good score is finding a function for the score that is not being filled by any other element in the picture.

Sidney Lumet

“…suddenly begins to exist.”

You can describe something which perhaps isn’t there on the actual screen but which, together with the music, starts to exist. It’s interesting – drawing out something which doesn’t exist in the picture alone or in the music alone. Combining the two, a certain meaning, a certain value, something which also determines a certain atmosphere, suddenly begins to exist.

Krzystof Kieslowski (Kieslowski On Kieslowski, 1993)