The Tree Man

Set between Chapters 15 and 16 of Carlo’s Collodi’s classic novel The Adventures of Pinocchio, The Tree Man depicts Pinocchio’s seemingly final minutes as he hangs from a tree. As he slowly dies, the wooden marionette spiritually journeys into an inferno of fear, guilt and hope through his encounters with key symbolic characters such as the Maiden with Azure Hair and the ghost of the Talking Cricket. As he falls deeper into darkness he learns the crucial dangers and virtues of the mortality he seeks.

The music for this short film, written and directed by Navin Dev, was composed for orchestra and for the most part follows the rules for twelve-tone composition. I chose this compositional method because I felt it would evoke a mood of unease – of things not being quite “right”.

The film won the jury prize at the Puppets on Film Festival 2011. It was also selected for Festival International des Arts de la Marionette 2012, Maelstrom International Fantastic Film Festival 2009, Angel Moving Image Festival 2009, Fantastic Planet Film Festival 2009, Filmstock International Film Festival 2009 and Anchorage International Film Festival 2009.