The King’s Got Donkey’s Ears!

A walk in the woods should be for fun, play or a visit to Grandma’s. Not so for Good King Orik. He went in smiling and came out with the great big furry ears of a donkey! Shocked, embarrassed and very upset, the King hides away in his tower, desperately hoping that no-one will find out the secret hidden beneath his hat. But Scruffibus, the King’s wise and faithful dog, cannot bear to see his master upset and realises that something must be done!

Theatre of Widdershins brings you this epic tale of heroes, heroines and hairdressers, lovingly retold with the company’s unique blend of storytelling and original music.

The music is composed for a medium-sized ensemble of musicians, and features a Glass Harmonica.

An audiobook of this story, written and narrated by Andy Lawrence from Theatre of Widdershins and featuring music from the production, is available for purchase with a total running time of 45 minutes 50 seconds.

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