Histories of Hatred

It’s a profoundly uncomfortable theme, and one that is rarely discussed in academic circles: what is our responsibility as intellectuals when it comes to writing histories of hatred?

How can we talk about hatred? Do we merely sanction and further discourses of violence by engaging with them? When is documentation participation? Should we be chroniclers, or should we get involved?

The London Consortium convened a panel of academics, artists and critics to tackle these questions. Drawing on their own experiences in diverse fields and disciplines – from medieval Christian visual culture to contemporary litigation – they offered a series of compelling reflections on ethics and practice. This short documentary reviews key moments from the discussion with organiser Noam Leshem, and features Anthony Julius, Deborah Lipstadt, Pratap Rughani, Senam Okudzeto, Anthony Bale and Joanna Bourke.

This documentary was directed by Jonathan Law and Lily Ford for London Consortium TV. They had used Arvo Pärt’s Fratres on the temp track and after discussing that choice with them I decided not to stray too far from that style of music.