The Last Post

Phil Burrows is a walnut-brained slacker who spends his free time playing Logger Bill on his phone, ogling girls on the internet and hanging with his equally intellectually challenged housemate, Sam.

A pair of menacing brothers pay Phil a visit and it quickly emerges that there has been a misunderstanding. Using on-line wizardry someone has persuaded the brothers that Phil was the dearest friend of their deceased sister Kerry. But the truth is Phil did not know her at all – he was simply an enthusiastic fan of her on-line selfies.

Phil faces a horrible dilemma – either admit to being her ‘pervert stalker’ or pretend she was his soul mate. He is quickly claiming deep fondness for the unfortunate Kerry and is signed up to deliver her funeral eulogy.

But help is at hand in the form of his sidekick Sam. Unfazed by the challenge his friend faces, Sam advises him to base his eulogy on Kerry’s on-line history and announces ‘job done’.

Phil duly delivers a monstrously inappropriate eulogy – but Kerry’s family are not people to take such insults lying down…

This hilarious short comedy was written and directed by Adam Preston, whom I approached after he advertised the role on Shooting People. We met during pre-production after I did a short pitch for him and very quickly settled on the idea of satirising the musical trends in social media advertising, thereby playing it straight rather than emphasising the comedy. After watching the first rough cut of the film with editor Kant Pan I was thrilled by how well the script had translated to the screen, drawing excellent performances from the cast (including Ryan Sampson, Mark Heap, Selom Awadzi and Harry Rafferty) and beautifully shot by DoP Sam Care. Since the film was standing so well on it’s own I did my best to support it without overplaying my hand. Many thanks to Adam, Kant and (producer) Samantha Waite for their encouragement and a special thank you to Angus Moncrieff, who played cornet on the score.