• Train Station, dir. Guillem Serrano, CollabFeature [segment composer]
  • Red Kingdom Rising, dir. Navin Dev
  • Tutto Parla Di Te, Mir Cinematografica [assistant composer]
  • Bodyguard: A New Beginning, dir. Chee Keong Cheung, Intense Productions [additional music]


  • Reverie, dir. Zak Lawrence-Earey
  • Crossing Beltane, dir. Marina Hann & Hereward Selby [Best Original Music: 2016 Glastonbury Film Challenge]
  • The Last Post, dir. Adam Preston, Union Pictures
  • The Rig, dir. Ryan Burns, Prolepsis Films
  • Phil’s Room, dir. Jesus Mateos de la Varga
  • The Tree Man, dir. Navin Dev [Jury Prize Winner: 2011 Puppets on Film Festival]
  • Red Hood, dir. Navin Dev [Best Foreign Film: 2008 Washougal Film Festival]
  • The Measure of a Letter, dir. Cristobal Miranda [dubbing mixer]
  • The Falling, dir. Navin Dev
  • Sarah: 670.40.2…, dir. Cristobal Miranda
  • Le Boite, dir. Dan Acharya
  • Do You Like Chinese?, dir. Gwen Ong, Gaia Productions
  • The Simple Equation, dir. Cristobal Miranda
  • Larger, Jim & Tonic, dir. Oscar Toma
  • Dancer’s Ledge, dir. Robin Aspey & Hereward Selby, Cixelsyd Productions
  • Slugger, dir. Sarah Kingdom, Cixelsyd Productions
  • Male Bait, dir. Lucy Agius
  • Kitchen Sink Drama, dir. Claire Smith [music supervisor]


  • Requiem, All3Media International, BBC, New Pictures [assistant composer]
  • The City and the City, Mammoth Screen [assistant composer]
  • Victoria [Season 2], Mammoth Screen [technical score assistant]
  • The Collection, Lookout Point/Artis Pictures [assistant composer]
  • One of Us, BBC Scotland [assistant composer]
  • An Inspector Calls, BBC/Drama Republic [assistant composer]
  • The Missing, BBC/New Pictures/Company Pictures [assistant composer]
  • Ripper Street, BBC/Element Pictures/Lookout Point/Tiger Aspect Productions [assistant composer]
  • Agatha Christie’s Marple [Season 5 & 6], Chorion/ITV [assistant composer]
  • Monroe, Mammoth Screen [assistant composer]
  • A Fari Spenti Nella Notte, Rai Fiction [assistant composer]
  • Just Henry, ITV [assistant composer]
  • Histories of Hatred, dir. Jonathan Law & Lily Ford, London Consortium TV
  • Christopher and His Kind, BBC [assistant composer]
  • George Gently [Season 3], Company Pictures/BBC/Element Pictures [assistant composer]
  • La Doppia Vita di Natalia Blum, Rodeo Drive Media [assistant composer]
  • Little Wicked, British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust [additional music]



  • Lucida, Suki Chan [assistant sound designer for installation]
  • A Hundred Seas Rising, Suki Chan/Aspex [associate sound designer for sound installation]
  • The Lady of Shalott, Cathy Fitzgerald [music for costume exhibition]