The Elves and the Shoemaker

Shooooooooooooooes….! Ah, new shoes… Delightful on the feet. Soft, dancing shoes; swarthy pirate shoes; silver buckle and silken soles. No one makes shoes like an elf.

Inspired by the Ladybird book, this is the story of Elvis Schumacker, cobbler and craftsman, who has worked all his life creating the most beautiful footwear. But now he’s hit hard times… Everyone’s buying boring shoes from the evil businessman, Bunyan Soleless. Time is running out for Elvis. With one piece of leather left and Bunyan’s factory growing, can anyone help him?

The music for this production by Theatre of Widdershins is composed in a variety of styles including a sea shanty and a fandango, and features an unusual ensemble of percussion instruments.

An audiobook of the story, written and narrated by Andy Lawrence from Theatre of Widdershins and featuring music from the production, is available for purchase with a total running time of 52 minutes 30 seconds.

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