Phil’s Room

Phil’s Room is the story of a fragile introvert locked in the memory of his childhood. He spends his days dreaming of escaping with Kristine – the captivating waitress who works at the cafe he frequents. Rooted in this fantasy world he never quite musters the courage to talk to her until one day he discovers she has gone back to her home country to get married. As the painful truth sweeps away his dreams, he finds that a cold reality and his own limitations are too great to overcome, and his convictions propel him to towards, what becomes, a tragic end.

The director (Jesus Mateos de la Varga) and producer (Mark Harris) had some good suggestions for potential directions this short film score could take, and I tried to take them on board whilst also giving the music my own spin and serving the story as well as I could. I was trying to play up the “child-like” aspects of Phil’s character by choosing simple sounding instruments to play simple sounding music reminiscent of a music box. I then tried to use these instruments in a more emotionally mature manner as Phil’s complex memories of his childhood surface.

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