Red Hood

Once upon a time, cloaked in her favoured red hood, Little Red-Cap set off to Grandmother. But soon she was drawn away from her designated path by what the surrounding woods had to offer – mysteries, beauty and the Wolf. Red, now a 40 year old woman, still bears the same fears, guilt and anger as she remembers the day her life changed. Creating a new red hood for her daughter, she struggles to make the ultimate choice as to whether or not to pass on her identity and in turn her fate.

The music for this psychological horror, written and directed by Navin Dev, was composed for orchestra, mixed choir and soprano. The soprano part was performed by Kasia Middleton.

Washougal International Film Festival 2008 award winner. Shortlisted for award at Sefton Short Film Festival 2008. Selected for Bootleg Film Festival Glasgow 2008, Branchage Jersey International Film Festival 2008, Gold Lion Film Festival 2008, Bacup Film Festival 2008, Amberg Horror Fest 2008, Filmstock International Film Festival 2008, Florence International Film Festival 2008, Omaha Film Festival 2009, Dam Short Film Festival 2009, International Film Festival Egypt 2009 and London Short Film Festival 2010. Available to view at Festival de Cannes: Short Film Corner 2008.

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